Platform For Positive Change For Ward 2

I’ve knocked on every door in our beautiful town. Many of those doors multiple times. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting my neighbours and listening intently to their ideas, their concerns and their hopes for our community.

I’ve also heard this as a parent at the park, at the library and on the soccer fieldI’ve heard it waiting in line for a morning coffee and in our afternoon traffic waiting to make a turn.  I’ve heard it online and I have heard it at numerous community meetings and events.

Time and again, I have heard a desire from my neighbours for new blood and fresh eyes on council, as we navigate the issues and opportunities in front of us.

There is much to do in the ward and in the County of Brant as a whole. I would be honoured to earn one of your two votes for Ward 2.  If elected, I will continue to work hard, listen and to work with you to improve our community and how it operates.

Here are just some of my priorities and after many conversations with members of our community I think they are a priority for a great number of us who live in Paris and Brant.  However, this is not a one-and-done process.  If you have an idea for our community e-mail me personally at to let me know.


– Marc Laferriere

Candidate Ward 2 – Paris

For Respectful, Accessible Communication:

– “Office Hours” for you to meet with your councillor

– Quarterly town halls for questions, input and straight talk on local issues

– Monthly newsletters to help connect our community   ✓

– Responsive social media/e-mail/phone practices  ✓

– Treat citizen delegations to council with the respect they deserve ✓

For Physical and Social Infrastructure

– Use experience working with other municipalities, federal and provincial governments to advocate for affordable, diversified and active transit to connect us to GO and other transit services    ✓

– Bring justice, education and health care experience to planned expansions of Brant OPP, library and health services to ensure quality service ✓

– Will say no to projects that our community is not properly consulted on. (✓)

– Advocate that all county proposals include easy-to-read information on fiscal, social and environmental impacts as well as long-term and short-term costs for prudent decision making in the long-term interests of the County

– Work for a neighbourhood advisory committee to make suggestions about road and sidewalk needs including greening and shading utilizing tree planting for walkability, raising property values and slowing traffic. (✓)

– Insist that all intensification projects in the region utilize best practices for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CEPTED)

For Youth

Our future workforce, innovators and community leaders need a mechanism to be more involved and give their input to council.  I strongly believe a Youth Advisory Council is needed to connect youth to decision makers, committees and local employers.

I will also hold open café hours and invite other council members so young people can ask questions and share ideas about their community.

For Local Businesses

My focus will be on retention and growth for local businesses while setting the right conditions for our economy to expand.

For example:

– Advocate federal and provincial governments pay their share to ease traffic congestion through needed projects like the Green Lane Bridge or another bypass.

– Improve walkability and transit options for residents and tourists to help our local retail and services sectors   ✓

– Foster successful low-cost/high-impact arts and culture activities found in other communities to help local small businesses grow and to provide affordable recreation activities for individuals and families living here ✓

– Examples include local participation in International Villages Festival, Pride activities (✓) , Conferences, (✓) licensed busker activity during specific time periods etc

– Develop reasonable plans with local small business owners around parking issues including paid pass options and/or parking classification for specific shift purposes. (✓)

– Work with Chamber of Commerce and BIA on county-specific business retention and growth strategy focused on manufacturing, agriculture, retail, tech and culture sectors. (✓)

For Environment

– Protect and enhance our trails and parks ✓

– Protect our rivers, greenbelt and source water ✓

– Develop community garden sites with local residents

– Respect for our natural and built heritage, including re-use of historic buildings

– Support for policy to make sure any new development in the region is built to maximize water absorption into the ground with modern construction and design practices as well as best practices to restrict chemical usage that could harm water quality

– Support for green bins strategy/food waste drop off sites

– Work with and/or put pressure on other levels of government and all major political parties to follow through on commitment to help fund Penman Dam Waterpower Project

For Affordability & Transparency

As a former public and private sector manager, I have always been on, or under budget with any project I have undertaken. My household is like yours – we have to live within our means and so does the county.   ✓

We can invest strategically, but need to communicate with citizens about those decisions openly and transparently.   ✓

If elected, I will utilize #OPENGOV best practices so that voters will have complete, detailed and easy to find access to all my expenses, spending, attendance and voting history on my website. You can then make your own choices about the job I am doing for you.

Ward 2 Community Panel Discussion

I had the opportunity recently to meet with a panel of engaged Ward 2 residents and was happy to answer their questions about my platform and the future of our community.  They interviewed all active candidates for Ward 2 and have more information about the voting process you can find here:

Here are my responses to their questions Click to view as a larger image:

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